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Visit our 18,000 Sq. Ft. Showroom on Baymeadows Road, Jacksonville   Affordable Interior Systems. 
For nearly 20 years, AIS has focused on offering our customers the greatest value-based products in the marketplace.  From open plans to private offices.  Today, our diverse product offerings include:  DIVI, Matrix, MWall, AO2, Z-Panel and our Element family of charis. Think Global for your single source for the total office:  At this website you will find a wide array of products in a variety of styles and colors to suit your every office need. 
The Lacasse Group was founded in Quebec in 1956 by brothers Guy, Real and Rejean Lacasse. Today, the Group boasts some 20 manufacturing companies. Thanks to our production capacity, dependability and exceptional product quality, we have hundreds of faithful customers.

Over the past decade, Cherryman has been instrumental in establishing the Value Market in commercial office furniture and has been recognized as a benchmarch for delivering sustainable value solutions across the U.S and Canada. 
Great American Art
Great America Art provides Photography, Fine Art, Specialty Art, Specialty Products and much more. There are over 13,000 photographs and art prints in their online catalog offering a wide range of choice for
every taste and setting. Please enter dealer code FOINT when requesting a quote from Great American Art

Indiana Desk
The Indiana Desk tradition of quality is based on nearly a century of superior craftsmanship. We continue this tradition by delivering products produced with old-world attention to detail, enhanced by modern efficiencies. Backed by integrity, innovation and customer-driven service, our beautiful, well constructed traditional and contemporary casegoods are designed to enhance any office setting.

By being in step with its customers, Paoli Furniture has developed a diverse and successful range of desk series and seating collections.

SitOnIt Seating
Headquartered in Southern California, SitOnIt Seating opened its doors in 1996 with the sole purpose of building a customer-focused seating company with a superior manufacturing process and a "we get it" attitude. This approach to business has led SitOnIt to become one of the top seating manufacturers in the U

 Lesro Company
Lesro has crafted its business during the past 35 years by keeping things simple, and making delightful products at a great price — and delivering those products according to the customer’s schedule.
The white-collar warriors, cubicle crusaders, and office proletariat occupy the trenches—all in the name of commerce. They stare down spreadsheets, conquer conference calls and deal deftly with deadlines. Such daily rigors command the support of an ally... the right chair. Eurotech chairs impart every business titan with ergonomic comfort and fluid movement, alleviating stress and energizing its occupant over the course of even the most grueling workweek. Not only is it a steadfast companion, it’s a stylish, handsome one at that. Every Eurotech chair’s sleek, inventive design is worthy of any workspace, office or boardroom. When laptops are fired up and meetings are kicked off, a Eurotech chair is a welcome respite for the gladiators of goods and services.

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Florida Office Interiors, your best choice for Office Furniture, including desks, office chairs, and cubicle workstations.